In order to edit these files you will need ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS2 (or higher).
I cannot be held responsible if you do not have the correct software to open & edit the files.
All files are A6 size, designed at 300dpi resolution, and saved in CMYK colour format.

Files are bundled together in a ZIP file, so ensure you have WINZIP (or other such application) in order to extract the files.
Each ZIP file contains 2 PHOTOSHOP (PSD) files – the FRONT and BACK of the flyer.

In most cases, the background of the flyer can NOT be edited, though it can be ADDED to.
However, any shapes that contain text or are behind text CAN be edited / resized to fit your custom text.

All design files use standard fonts that are included with any copy of PHOTOSHOP, but you are free to replace any text with custom fonts of your own.

All templates cost £15 GBP
Payment is accepted via PAYPAL only.
All sales are handled by and payments by
If you have any questions, please use the Contact link to email me before you purchase a download.

Some of these designs have been used for previous events and “re-cycled” as templates.
If you would like a custom design specifically for your event, get in touch via the Contact link.

Check the gallery below, and then click the Web Delivery Solutions icon to be directed to the online store which will open in a new window.

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